Athene Releasing Scam Purpose Coin And Selfllery ICO Release

Posted on January 6, 2018 in General by

SelflleryCoin is looking to release their ICO this week. You can see the SelflleryCoin ICO here and find out about some really cool lending programmes available.

SelflleryCoin is aiming to release an arbitrage bot that will be able to utilise the differences in price between exchanges, this will in turn allow them to borrow money from investors and grow that money at a steady rate of around 1.5% per day. This growth method compounds and is a very lucrative way to grow your crypto currency portfolio.

When we look at SelflleryCoin not only do we see a powerful and dedicated research team that are skilled, we also see a team that is ready to take over the crypto market.

In other news famous gamer and world of warcraft record setter Athene has decided to release his new crypto currency “Purpose”. You can find the ICO on their stream, however this is 100% a scam and I would stay well away from this coin.

He has already scammed $250k from his poor viewers who will now have to deal with the burden of the coin being stuck on EtherDelta and no exchange accepting it. Similar to PinkCoin, which is another charity project struggling to stay afloat, Purpose is looking to reward those that aim to do good with a coin.

Athene, aka Bachir Boumaaza is also looking to make his team of slaves code up a game that he thinks will change the twitch landscape, although he claims that this game will do wonders and will make Purpose a worthwhile investment, many are doubting him as he has many failed projects in his past, that he claimed would change the world, or be the next big thing. Most if not all his projects fail miserably, and he has no remorse or understanding to whoever invested time or money in his projects.

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