Help fund 4 national full page press adverts in support of Independence

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On the 25th of August, The 10.01 Campaign launched the first in a series adverts supporting Independence for Scotland. This was a full page advert, printed in the Daily Record newspaper. These adverts are very expensive hence we are seeking your help to fund another four before the 18th of September. The additional adverts will focus on key campaign areas.

The 10.01pm Campaign: Towards a Scotland free of fear

The referendum is about power. On 18th. September, 2014, between the hours of 7am and 10pm, absolute sovereign power will lie in the hands of the Scottish people.They have to decide whether to keep it, or give it away to where their minority status makes them permanently powerless and vulnerable. So where do we stand at one minute past ten, at 10.01? The 1001Campaign aims to maintain the sovereignty exercised on that day and maximise the use of power for and by the Scottish working class: that’s why, for example, we support a separate Scottish Currency and the broadest range of options on our relationship with Europe.

The 1001Campaign is an umbrella group, focusing the resources and energy of the Scottish Left on a Yes vote in the referendum. That being so, all groups or committees who join up will maintain their autonomy. Our modus operandi is Educate-Organise-Agitate, through both traditional campaigning and the use of modern communication techniques. Our campaign will engage the latent talent within the Scottish working class and enliven the debate with different personalities and robust opinions.

The 1001Campaign promotes a socialist programme of government after independence, seeking a mandate for that programme in the referendum. We will start as we aim to continue after September the 18th by; challenging corporate bullies, shaming the establishment on poverty and dismantling the intellectual basis of the British State. Towards a Scotland free of fear.

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