UCoinCash A New Crypto Currency

Posted on November 13, 2017 in General by

My goal was to check whether they offered anything different or even any actual evidence that they might be legit and follow along with all of the guarantees.

If your not knowledgeable about the gap an ERC20 token is just one made on the Ethereum blockchain that utilizes evidence of work as opposed to proof of bet that is mining. You can see their official subreddit here.

Below is a picture I got in their website ucoincash.io site revealing the 4 major ways to make on this lending system. Can they really deliver all of them or just run away with everybody’s cash after the ICO we do not’ really understand. I will will give my last thoughts at the conclusion of the ucoin money inspection.

Outside of those strategies to make which they’ve recorded above they also state they’ll be giving customers a mobile wallet in addition to a desktop wallet along with a debit card. Until the stage goes into complete launch we might need to wait and see whether they deliver on every one of these products. Should they do supply then that will leave ucoincash at a really powerful position on the sector and they could prove to be an excellent investment but in this point without a good evidence it’s a risk.

In the moment we do not understand who they are. They’ve put alot of effort to the website and whitepaper and mention a group in their whitepaper but like many other financing systems that they do not provide us names. I’d contact them by email to request more information but I have not got any yet, I obtained one quite frequent answer in broken English in which they did not answer my question concerning the creators and when they’d be interested in an interview, therefore I have resent that question again and again once I get a response I’ll put it in here.

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